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The contest

A highly significant and influential competition: global benefits on local soil

With more than 30 years of experience in the wine industry worldwide, Belgium-based Concours Mondial de Bruxelles now spreads its wings to Africa with the launch of the South African Selection by CMB.

This new competition now offers South African wine and spirits producers a global benchmark for positioning themselves in both local and international markets under the banner of one of the world’s most prestigious competitions – without the risk and the cost of international shipping.

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Professional expert judges

Wines and spirits registered in the South Africa Selection by CMB are judged on their typicity and their style. A hand-selected panel of expert judges has been selected for their ability to meticulously, skillfully and independently assess all wines and spirits registered in the competition.

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Adding operational value

Taking part in the South Africa Selection by CMB offers the producer valuable feedback from the professional judging panel. This information may assist in improving production methods, optimize vineyards practices, and enhance the quality and characteristics of your wines and spirits.

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Improve awareness

From 2024 the South African Selection by CMB will dramatically enhance the visibility of local wine and spirits in international markets. Showcasing your wines and spirits to a diverse audience of industry professionals, generates exposure for your brand and your products. At the same time, interacting with key stakeholders such as distributors, sommeliers and journalists can lead to new market opportunities and expanded distribution channels.

Join the competition

Registering online is the easiest way to enter your wines. Our team will guide you through the registration process.