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The South Africa Selection by CMB is one of three national competitions for special selections of the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles. The South Africa Selection focused on wines and spirits produced in South Africa and also accepts entries from producers in other African countries. This exciting new competition is aimed at identifying and awarding the best wines and spirits from the region, offering a quality guide for global consumers while at the same time promoting the wine heritage of South Africa.

In turn, the mother company, Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, is based in Brussels, Belgium, and runs various international competitions which focus on different regions and styles in various countries around the world. The company is also referred to as The United Nations of the wine industry, and distinguishes itself through integrity, diversity, and credibility.

Registration fees details are available here.

The deadlines for entering and delivering samples are available here.

Details about samples deliveries are available here.

  • Two copies of the entry form for each sample. Please place one copy inside the box and attach the other to the outside of the box for identification purposes.
  • WSB2 or 4 (WSR) forms for wine entries or an independent laboratory analysis for spirits. Entry forms may be placed inside the box with the entries or uploaded electronically with your entry forms.

Yes, we accept tank or barrel samples, as well as bottles with temporary labels in cases where producers are awaiting final front and back labels.

  • Such temporary labels should be clear, hand-written or computer generated stickers, displaying the following information: Producer/Cellar; Name of product, Varietal or Blend, Vintage.
  • All barrel and tank samples should be accompanied by either a WSB2 (WSR2) certificate or an independent laboratory analysis. Other conditions may apply.
  • Liqueur and spirits samples should be accompanied by an analysis confirming content and technical information.
  • Completed entry forms, certification documents, proof of payment of entry fees and samples should reach the organisers by the end of the last day for registration.

An invoice will be issued and sent by email from Vinopres SA, the Brussels-based organiser of the CMB, within a few days of receipt of your payment. The email address to which the invoice is sent corresponds to the address provided at the time of registration.

Yes, your entry will be accepted. You may return to your account at any time and add the image of the bottle, the chemical analysis and the proof of payment.

Please note that your supporting documents have to be received by CMB at least one week prior to the date of the commencement of the competition. Documents for the 2024 competition therefor have to be submitted no later than 10 September for the judging which starts on 18 September 2024.

The results will be published on the South Africa Selection website within a week from the completion of the judging process.

An awards ceremony will be held in October in Cape Town – the date and details will be announced in September

More details here.

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